Recommend a 6 Person Tent please

Found 29th Jul 2010
Could you guys recommend a 6 person tent (for a family of 4 & need some extra space for the tod)

Not necessarily the cheapest but would prefer personal recommendation.

Should be easy to put up.

Thanks in advance

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We always buy vango.We find you definitely get what you pay for, i personally wouldn't be paying £40 in argos for one. There are lots of different shapes and styles. Is there a local camping shop you could go into? We did that and that way you see them set up etc. We have bought a brand new vango for this year although haven't used it yet so can't give advice on our model.

In the past we have had (all vango) vail, colorado, (will add a few more when i remeber them)

You also need to consider height, do you want to be able to stand up in it? I'd also go for one with a sewn in groundsheet (some like , some dont)
Advantage being....... No mozzies get in!
Disadvantage.......If you damage the floor tents goosed.

Have a look around i'd say, whats your price range. I'll have a look there are some really nice ones about.

Another thing to consider.... This is what got us the first time. We were given a 4 man tent. So off we go with my bro and his family. Get there put it up and it would only fit 1 double air bed in.. Eeekkk. Plus a small space for bits and pieces. Luckily 2 of us went in with my bro.

Original Poster

Thanks superskilly, much appreciated

Happy to spend a decent sum for a 'good' quality & easy to put up one. Would prefer the one where we can stand up as with the little one, its inevitable.

Have a Blacks Store nearby.

Ditto on Vango,u get what u pay for definately.Venture is a good start,easy to pitch n waterproof straight away as u put tent up n hang everything from inside.Not sure if they make em big enough for your needs though.Good luck,we had a blast when the kids were small.
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