Recommend a bike for leisure ~£200 or there abouts


    i'm looking to purchase a couple of bikes for myself and my partner. Can anyone recommend me a good one to go for? We will only be using it occasionally for leisure so dont really need anything fancy, but would like them to to last a good while!

    Would i be better off waiting for any end of summer sales?



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    This subject has been covered many times but sadly the HUKD's search facility does not show up many....pfffft

    As Muscian has previously linked (Decathalon) look at the Rockrider 300 (previously called Rockrider 5.0) - very good reviews and Decathalon offer guarantees plus some of their employees know what they are doing

    My personal advice - only competent "pro cycling brigade" type cyclists should ever shop @ Halfords - yes they have a few good bikes but their pricing policies and staff competence is somewhat questionable.

    Also stay clear of cheapos @ Asda/Tesco etc although the prices are low and the bikes should do what bikes are made to do - the resale value will almost be non- existent whereas the Rockrider and better cycles like Dawes will hold their value (if maintained/looked after)
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    Cant go far wrong with the Halfords Carrera Hybrids . On sale most of the time there, about £170 - £230. Go for a Hybrid then you can bike through woods ,over grass etc and not limited to roads .
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