Recommend a Blu Ray Player

    Is it worth getting a player with USB Port?

    After spending no more than £120 on a player.

    I know was a few deals on but think i've missed out on them



    buy a ps3?

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    got an xbox 360 don't really need one. don't want to spend over £200.

    At your price range there is only 1 Blu Ray Player that you should consider whci is the Sony BDP S360. This gets 5 stars in What Hifi and is highly rated also by Home Cinema Choice - read the reviews on their websites. This is the universally accepted choice at £100.00 - £200.00 at this tim. It started off at about £240.00 only a few months ago but you can currently get it for £99.0o (Sevenaoaks are selling at this price ) There are also deals available whereby you can get one with three blu rays thrown in T4, and 2 others ?. Panasonic used to rule the budget Blu Ray player market but the Sony has overtaken their offering DMPBD60 which would cost you more in any case. The S £60 has a usb on the back. However this is to enable the local memory required to provide Profile 2 rating whereby downloaded content such as Movie extras can be accessed fronm the internet. The S360 also has an ethernet port so that you can downlaod regular firmware upgrades (which addrresses issues with problem discs etc) This USB does not import data though such as Photos etc. The next model up BDP S560 does have an additional front mounted usb port for data input and also a Wifi arial to connect wirelessly to the internet without ethernet. The picture and sound quality is the same as that for the S360. This model costs about £220.00. Let me know if you have any further queries. (Ps I have the BDPS560 so can recommend on the basis of experience) Regards

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    Thanks for info appreciate it.

    At the moment i only have a hd ready tv 23 inch. But i'm looking at getting a bigger tv full hd a bit later on.

    I don't think i'll need the usb option too much so might not borther.

    Blu-Ray all new to me. So just reading all info before i go out and buy.

    I'll have a look at both specs.

    I was looking at the LG one's before christmas.

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    There is 2 Sony Blu Ray players on the marks and spencers site with the same price. But look different. Put same model number on. Have there made a mistake?…rch

    I urge you to read the reviews by WhatHifi (there are reviews and forums on their website discussing the merits of such things) and Home Cinema The S360 is the product of the year in WhatHifi

    The left hand one on the M and S site looks like the old outgoing and slightly inferior BDPS350. The one on the right has the corrcet appearance for the latest model BDP S360

    Sevenoaks Sound and Vision are showing the S360 at £99.00 - I have just checked. Richer Sounds is also doing same . Play .com is doing it for (£97.00 odd with free deloivery unit alone or £134.00 odd with three Blu Ray films thrown in

    Just had a look on 'OFFER OF THE DAY' a very good price comparison site for anyone looking to buy and a source of daily bargains that you didnt know you wanted !
    On there Dixons Online are doing the S360 plus the three blu rays for £119.00 (T4, Angls and Demons and 1 other) The free film offer is a limited one from Sony so If you are interested I would snap this up quickly Regrds

    If you have a local Aldi see if they have a Tevion 1100ukt in stock. It plays multi-region blu and dvd player with a code you type in before loading the disc for different regions. Failing that a Curtis DVD1100uk which is the same machine rebranded and you can find them in ASDA if you are lucky. The Tevion allows for BD Live but no one I know uses it. Both should be sub £100 and are good machines, they rankle the Brand name folk though.…tml

    Just ordered this one after doing quite a bit of research. I was looking for one that was around £100 and this seemed to get the best reviews, as mentioned above its won the 'What Hi-Fi Award for Best Budget player up to £300 in the 2009 Awards Issue'

    That was the cheapest I could find it (unfortunately only about 50p cashback!) without the 3 blue ray discs, which we didnt want
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