Recommend a case/bag for a Samsung NC10 netbook?

    Can anyone recommend a case for an NC10 netbook (10.2in screen)?

    I'd like it to be 'protective', a little thicker than a thin layer of foam/neoprene, thicker neprene or hard but thinnish sides, easy in and out, with room for the charger and usb hard drive, with shoulder strap. Basically to offer a bit of protection without increasing the overall dimensions or weight too much.

    The Belkin 10in case looked good, but seems very tiight on the NC10 which is a little bigger and thicker than many netbooks.

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    Have a look at this one from ]ASDA. Says 10", guess it should be good for 10.2"? (£15.00)

    or this one from ]PC World for £29.99. Normal price though, not a deal.


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