Recommend a cheap air fryer that does a decent job cooking it


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    Thanks for update (edited)
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    Even for just 2 people go big rather than small with air fryers, the more the air can circulate around the food the better the results. We very rarely use the oven and have even done Sunday roast with trimmings for 4 in the air fryer. Go for one with a squarer rather than round basket too, food fits in better.
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    The one on offer at Costco is really good. I bought one for my aunt and it's been great. Gourmia I think it's called.
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    How big does it need to be? Are you cooking for 1, 2 , 4 etc.
    There are plenty out there but no point in getting a small one if you need to feed a family
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    Cooking for 2
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    If you or anybody has a Costco card get the Gourmia one 6.7l
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    Even if you don't currently have a Costco card can get online membership for £15 and then get the deal online.
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    I have the 3.5ltr Salter one sold by Lidl and it's brilliant for one or two people. I haven't used my oven since buying it.
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    Had this one from asda for the last 2 years and still working perfectly…great size for 2 people and a decent price.…rue
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