recommend a cheap current account

    im looking to open up an account just for myself, no wages will be paid in no direct debits will be set up just looking an account i can pay via card without fees


    What fees are you trying to avoid?

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    What fees are you trying to avoid?

    none really just most want you to pay in a min amount each month or overdraft fees are dire tho that shouldnt be an issue

    The TSB basic current account is okay. I only use it for writing cheques. I don't have wages going in or direct debits. There are no fees as well.

    Can i ask if you are over 18? You need a basic bank account by the sounds of it but if under 18 you can get "childrens" accounts with most banks that give a debit card.

    nationwide allow you to open up an account and you dont have to put in money every month.. although if you do then you get added benefits
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