Recommend a good blu-ray reader/writer?

    I need to back up important photographs quite regularly. Can anyone recommend a good blu-ray writer and some reliable long lasting discs at a good price? I'd be open to consider PC internal, but I think external USB 2 (or 3) makes more sense so I can also use it with my laptop.



    I bought one of the LG internal ones and it's worked perfectly. The are down a lot in price now. Regarding disks I have tended to get the cheaper brands like Infiniti and a few others from 7dayshop i think it was. Had omly a few failures and to be honest for £1 a disk i expected more issues. I just verify every write.

    Can't justify £5 a disk for verbatims etc. The LG I have is SATA.

    PS: Your reason for wanting one is exactly why I bought mine.
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    Thanks, might get it in the next week or two.

    we got an lg one from pc world yesterday it is the internal sata one. it was £69.99 so not too bad a price
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