Recommend a Good Dab Radio

    After a Dab Radio, not sure what to go for.

    Anyone got a better idea on them?


    TEll you what - I will start this off for you if you like?

    I bought (some months ago) the Pure triangle DAB Radio that the Gadget show and lots of other similar sites and forums were RAVING about - saying it is a design must, it looks really cool and so on (You get the picture!?)

    Anyway, it didn't say much about what you listen to though - lets faceit the Radio is the radio, whether you listen to it via FM DAB RDS or ... (now spot the nurd that reply's and says ACTUALLY, No IT ISNT)....

    ...With the exception of AM..

    So - I have to say I was very dubious about paying ?? Oooh I dunno £40? £50? Whatever it is/was......

    And you know what? I WOULDN'T DO IT AGAIN!!

    Whatever the pluses are for the Pure DAB Radio, they are far outweighed by its MASSIVE price tag. I would definitely go for a cheaper radio WITHOUT doubt or hesistation.

    Interestingly enough, if you search on this site there was a HOT DEAL for one of exactly these radios just the other day.

    Finally, the display on the Pure DAB Radio is VERY bright - if you have it on a cabinety/table etc near your bed, you may find it too bright, and have to hide the display with the TV remote control like me!


    Hope this helps......

    Buy a Freeview Box and listen to digial radio on your TV. :-)

    I bought my husband a Roberts Gemini 21 for Christmas.

    Until a couple of years ago he used to work in a tv and audio department in a large deparment store, he says the Roberts radios are really good and he is well happy with his present

    Well not sure what your after but I have one of these and is great for the money also got 5* in what hifi.


    I bought one of these…tle

    and love it!!
    It's like an old fashioned car radio and has a gorgeous sound.I do like to play my music loud though so sound is important to me and this radio looks and sounds fab!!:-D
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