Recommend a laptop for a student

Posted 1st Jul 2021
So my son is off to Uni this September and his grandparents have given him £1000 to buy a laptop for the duration of his course. What's the best bang for his buck?

He'll be using it for coursework (occasionally, I guess (lol)) but it will also be his entertainment centre so he'll use it for Netflix, Amazon Prime video etc. as well as a bit of online gaming with his friends (Steam games like CS:GO, Left 4 Dead etc.)

I want something that's going to be powerful and not slow down within six months. I've bought Lenovo and Asus laptops in the past (in the £300-400 range) that seem to get disappointingly slow after a while (not malware or anything, I make sure to keep them free of anything untoward).

I'm drawn towards Dell machines as I've always had them for work and they seem to be solid and keep their speed, but of course it's a candy shop of choice on their site and I might get better value with a previous year model.

Don't need to spend the full £1000 as they'll give him the rest in cash, so fire away with suggestions please.
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