Recommend a laptop for video editing

Posted 2nd Jul
I was looking to buy a 16" i7/i9 MacBook Pro but the price... is putting me off. As is the move towards ARM chips. I've not really dipped into Windows systems for about 15 years so could do with some advice.

Are there any decent video editing laptops available for around the £1000 price range? What should I be looking for GFX wise?
I'll mainly be using Adobe Premier which I already have.
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What are you wanting to out put? HD, 4k? What length of video? Short films or feature length?
What quality you wanting to edit 4k or 1080p?
My laptops just a basic Intel i5 6th gen with 12gb RAM
I use that for video editing on Sony Vegas Pro
Edited by: "Toon_army" 2nd Jul
I’m looking at 50 min long films in 1080 not 4k
Any good software video editing for YouTube
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