Recommend a phone for £150-ish?

Found 29th Sep 2017
Hi everybody. I'm buying a phone for my friend. I did a search and found so many deals that I don't know where to begin

It needs:

- A very good camera (with good low-light performance)
- NFC and GPS (can't believe they're still making phones without these)
- Band 20 (obv)
- Good battery life

And it'd be nice if it had:

- A big screen
- A selfie-flash
- Other things

What would you recommend?
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You will struggle with that budget you need a iPhone 8 or s8 for something like that
And it'd be nice if it had:

- Other things

that could get expensive
Huawei P8 Lite 2017.
Not sure if it has all the features you require but Moto G4 is probably the best phone you can get in that price range. Super quick, giant clear screen, good camera. My partner and daughter have one and theyre fantastic. I dare say its better than my samsung s6.
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