Recommend a set of pots and pans


    I have a long service award coming up which gets me £200 gift.

    Was thinking of changing pots and pans in kitchen, I use a set which name can't recall but are copper bottomed, don't think best quality as one of the bases fell off! They burn very easy as well.

    I cook a lot and wondered if anyone could recommend a set they have used.




    Russell hobbs ceramic non stick are the best and easy to wash.

    I bought some beka ones about 10 years ago with copper bottoms and by Marco Pierre white. Came wit a lifetime guarantee can't imagine ever using other pans. Doubt they have these exact ones but probably have similar and the Marco was obviously just an endorsement but I think their fab. We had them from Debenhams

    After alot of research we recently got the salter "marble" ones, they are excellent quality and the non-stick is really the best iv ever used.

    Having had my own place for 25+ years and using all sorts of pots - I'd say go for 18/10 stainless steel set. They'll be heavy, robust and will survive all sorts of cooking and scrubbing.

    Stellar, particularly the 7000 range. There was a HUKD a while back I will see if I can find it.…480
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    Can't beat teal non stick and they always have offers on?


    hmm I would say anything cast iron. it will last longer then a family generation

    le creuset

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    Thanks for replies everyone!

    Go for hundies

    Berndes vario click.

    Really expensive but they are solidly built and excellent pans.

    Kirkland /Costco seem decent even the wife says so and she is a cookshop buyer

    +1 for Stellar pans.
    They can normally be bought singularly in TK Maxx (£15 - £25) and have the double benefit of being induction hob compatible.

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    Anyone used Genware? 18/10 pots and pans which seem to be aimed at commercial kitchens.
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