Posted 12th Jan 2023 (Posted 17 h, 4 m ago)
Can anyone please recommend a low cost Smart Watch that can take a sim card? Not e-sim but actual 4g sim card? It would be for a second sim to save me carrying two phones around all the time, so the watch can receive calls and text messages directly.

Preferably something with longer battery life. Don’t need all the bells and whistles.
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    Wouldn't a dual SIM phone be a better option?

    If you must go for a smartwatch then the only one worth looking at that will accept a SIM for calls and texts as well as having a half decent battery life is the Ticwatch 3 Pro\Ultra LTE.

    You can stretch the battery life to 4 days if you use the essential mode feature when sleeping. (edited)
    I have a work phone so no dual sim. I will look into the Ticwatch thanks!
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    Think you'll be struggling with longer battery life.

    None of the mainstream smartwatches take normal SIMS; my advice is to look at the cheap Chinese models on Amazon, Aliexpress etc.
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