Recommend a smartwatch? Pebble replacement on Android

    Can anyone recommend a smartwatch that will act as a Pebble replacement? I've been looking at generic Chinese ones on Gearbest but a bit lost tbh.

    I would like always on display that shows brief weather details and ability to get notifications etc. It does not need to be a phone in its own right

    I'm looking to spend under 100 quid

    Let me know what you've got/recommend?


    Why do you need a replacement when they've committed to supporting them through 2017.

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    I thought they had dropped all support and future updates. So thought I would try a different smartwatch

    I have been considering the Sony smart watch 3. 79.99 @ Currys

    I've got a Sony SmartWatch 3. I purchased it for about £75, I think between Feb 20th and May 2nd, based on this:


    The reason I chose it was that it had fairly good reviews and was a decent price.

    The reality is that the functions I've found the most useful are a) letting me know when my phone's ringing, and b) showing off that I can pause my Wireless Beats from my phone.

    The secondary reality is that when b) happens, I look like a man having a midlife crisis with my gadgets and can't find my phone.

    On the plus side, it's really durable - this thing has really taken a beating from a German Shepherd, and doesn't seem to have suffered.

    So, OP, I think this might meet your requirements. My recollection is that it had 4* reviews at the time, and it's done me alright.
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    Thanks for the suggestion both but I don't like the Sony Smartwatch

    Pebble user here that is going to bide my time since I have @ least a year
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    Pebbles will still work without their servers running.

    I have a Sony smartwatch 3 which I would be willing to sell for about £50ish
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