Recommend a stratergy game for PC?

Looking for a new stratergy game for the PC. Im looking for something like Age Of Empires, Empire Earth or Rise of Nations. But something more modern?!


I've heard this is quite good :-D

C&C Red Alert 3?

There's a couple I'd recommend, the first is Command and Conquer: Generals Deluxe edition - this is set in modern times where you have three armies, China, GDF (or similar) and the US. The original was was good but the expansion pack added quite a bit more, each army was given three Generals allowing you to choose the 'vanilla' army or a specific General. Each of the Generals had portions of the main army but with either enhanced or new units entirely but at the cost of losing some other units. For example the US Airforce General gets stealthed helicopters, improved raptors and better point defence systems on the aircraft but loses both tanks and ground based artillery. This is cheap now and well worth picking up if you haven't played it, the game will run well on most machines made over the last few years.

The other recommendation is Dawn of War which is in a way a sort of futuristic Lord of the Rings, I'd skip the last expansion pack and look for the anthology which includes Dawn of War (Space Marines, Orks, Chaos, Eldar), Winter Assault (Imperial Guard) and Dark Crusade (Necron, Tau). This gives you quite a signficant variety of armies with seven different sides available, the game is well balanced and encourages players to get out of their bases and fight their way into the map. Your 'resource' system is not harvesting a material back to the base, instead you have to grab requisition points - each time you grab one your requisition rate increases which means more resources for buying in new units. There's an interesting choice here because if you go too quickly across the map you'll end up spreading yourself too thin and get mopped up but if you go too slowly and heavily fortify yourself you'll get mown down by an enemy which has too much resource for you to stop. The game is older now but the fantastic detail and animations still stand out and it should run well on most hardware these days.


company of heroes is quite good but the add on pack is a nightmare of technical problems lol

Age of Empires, Empire Earth and Rise of Nations. Hmm, so you want something largish (dozens of units in play) with some moderate base building and a bit of a tech tree?

I'd have a look at Galactic Civilizations (and Galactic Civilizations 2) as it's the closest fit that springs to mind.

C&C3 and C&C Red Alert 3 might be worth looking at, although they don't have any tech tree. Warcraft III and the upcoming Starcraft 2 are much the same.

Company of Heroes, World in Conflict and Codename: Panzers are all great games but not that similar to those that you listed I think (the latter isn't, I've only tried the demos of the former two).

I recently tried the Universe at War demo which is interesting, that's worth a download to see if it fits you play style.

Supreme Commander is another one to check out.

Are there any stragegy games like the above mentioned for the wii? i am getting my son one for christmas and my bloke loves Age of Empire and wondered if there was anything i could get for him to play on wii

prolly not your thing, but hold tight, Starcraft 2 is coming.
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