Recommend Hard Drive For Gaming PC

So I just built a Ryzen PC. I need recommendations for a hard drive for it at 7200 speed.


WD Black or Blue, either are good. If you can, stretch for an SSD

WD black. You'll find there are very few 7200 rpm drives around now due to SSDs gaining popularity. Several have been discontinued
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If you can stretch the budget just enough for ssd I'd do it. Otherwise as other have mentioned the wd drives. Recently hitachi have improved but I'm only basing that on enterprise level. Not even sure they do consumer level any more

A decent brand Sata III like WD will be fine, SSD even better but it's space Vs cost.
2 x HDD's would be good, get the SSD for your OS and use a 2nd drive for storage.

one of the best setups you can have is a SSD for your main OS and drivers etc with a decent HDD for slave to put apps and games on (assuming you are gaming). Most SSD's are good but the better ones are the Samsung eco. For HDD WD blacks all the way


If you can stretch the budget just enough for ssd I'd do it.

He's got a high end processor, I think we can assume this is in addition to an SSD.

Games don't get a great deal of benefit from faster drives, so take your pick.

You could look at a hybrid hard drive. Heard they are pretty good, plus there cheaper than a ssd

WD Blue is the best value vs performance.

SSD if you can afford it.
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