Recommend Light For Garage?

    Hi Every1,

    My garage is seperate to my house and I have no electric in my garage.

    Does anyone know where I can pick up a battery powered light?

    Every time I return home from work its dark and I can't see what I'm doing!!



    Costco have a good LED light that is battery powered and should last a long time.

    if you garage is not far from your house get a cable led in under ground then you can have sockets as well as security light working you could bury the cable and get a electrian to connect

    Have you thought about the shed lights you can buy that are solar powered ? Should easily fit to a garage.
    They'll have them cheap on the bay.

    Turn your headlights on?

    On a serious not have a pop into your nearest wilko's as ours is selling off all solar lighting as its summer stock, most has 75% or more off,

    Motion Activated LED Light I have one of these and its pretty damn good for the price. Only comes on when I need it to and I don't need to find the switch lol

    What do you need to use the light for?
    ie just quickly getting stuff out or more for working under?
    Do you need it to light the immediate space you are in or all over?

    If its just for getting stuff out I have a dynamo powered LED torch that fastens to a head strap for when I need to find something in one of our sheds (we have 3! Coal shed, bike/lawnmower/hedge trimmers and my tool shed) . You look a tit wearing it but it does the job.

    If its for working under I have a site light that a run an extension to when I do need it so if you dont fancy running a cable all the way to the shed its an option, or you could even install a proper outdoor socket (cost less than a tenner for bits to do it, wilkos the sockets are about £5/£6 toolstation probably less just make sure you get a waterproof one which most are).


    Great tip. Excellent reviews.....:|

    Solar power is a bit pointless during the winter, just a small point.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the input guys!!! I think the best thing to do is buy a cheap generator from machinemart and run a light from that!!

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