recommend me 4k hdr 10bit sony tv 50+inch?

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hi everybody
I have been looking for a sony hdr 10-bit tv for a while now and every thread ive come across someone always has something to say, its ips panel or somethings always wrong. So how about giving us something else that you would go for yourself?

so far this is what i learnt to have 4k hdr 10bit sony tv 50+inch, no ips. budget is about £900 but may go over depends so please post it. thanks and any new models that are coming out that i should keep an eye on would be great to know. thanks
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'10-bit' is a pretty meaningless requirement right now. No TV can reproduce anything close to the full 10-bit range, and no TV any longer accepts only 8-bit HDR signals.

HDR is still a new technology where the good implementations are expensive and there's a big gap between them and the cheaper ones so if that's important you're looking to spend as much as possible.

At 50" that means your best choice is the Sony XE90 or it's XF90 sucessor, although the former is mostly sold out now and the latter is new so still several hundred quid more.

If you're in East Anglia Snellings have got an ex-display XE90 for £914.
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