recommend me a 9" car portable dvd player

I am looking to buy a 9" in car portable dvd player for my kids that can play separate dvd's on the that will also read a flash drive and sd card, I have looked at the LOGIK L9DUALM13 as i also has a built in battery that lasts upto 3 hours but got put off by the fact it wount play video files from an external memory source


We got some nextbase ones a few years back. Only 7inch ones, but I'm sure they do bigger. They have DVD, Sd card and USB.

Got them from a seller on eBay, refurbished, as they were a lot cheaper. had them for at least 3 years and still going strong.

Definetly nextbase ones kids love them. Although I did look at the ones built in to headrest on eBay but as car has SRS system I am unable to use. Only downside of nextbase ones is cables but wireless headphones are available.

this may not be helpful but have you looked into getting a tablet?

i have samsung tab A and its sounds like it could be great for you. you can connect a micro SD card, download kodi, utorrent , so you have thousands of movie options.

you mention you have loads of dvd, you can legally make a digital copy of a dvd you own and have your entire collection stored on a micro SD card and have them all at the tip of your fingers, its what they do in first class on airlines. also the battery can last all day and takes just 2 hours to do a full charge.

i would definitely look into alternatives because DVD are already an old technology and carrying all them dvd around is a pain.
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