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    Going on holiday next week, need to find a good book to take with me, anybody got any suggestions.

    I guess i should state that i am a 21yr old male, so no romances please



    You read any of the lee Child "Jack Reacher" books? they're brill

    Inspiration......It's not about the bike...Lance Armstrong :thumbsup:

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    You read any of the lee Child "Jack Reacher" books? they're brill

    no i haven't, what are they like?


    'common as muck' roy 'chubby' brown autoobiography, £1.99 in the works, full of sex and fighting, but also quite insightful into why he is as he is. I'm a 22yr old female and took it on hol last week and enjoyed it.

    Alternatively, my fella likes conn iggueldon, simon scarrow or david gemmell for historical fictional reads from roman etc army times. zzzzzzz.

    Nuts...Zoo...FHM....Maxim...Take a Break?



    no i haven't, what are they like?

    They're really good,
    Search on for Lee child.

    "The Cull" or "Terrible Beauty" by Mark Frankland

    "the road" But you wont put it down and will read it in about 4 hours…ook)

    I've just finished reading 'Look who it is, Alan Carr, My Story' and I would definately recommend it if you like Alan's stuff, it's a laugh out loud book, not heavy just a brilliant holiday read.

    Lottery by patricia wood

    Star of the Sea, by Joseph O`Connell


    stop the ride i want to get off - by dave courtney

    great book,

    Read a book called "the damage done" you wont be able to put it down.…75X

    In 1978 Warren Fellows was convicted of heroin trafficking between Thailand and Australia. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in the notorious Bang Kwang prison - better known as the Bangkok Hilton. It was the beginning of 12 years of hell in a place where sewer rats and cockroaches are the only nutritious food, where prison guards laugh as they deliver pulverising blows and where the worst punishment is the khun deo - solitary confinement, Thai style. The Damage Done is one man's story of an unthinkable nightmare. It is not Warren Fellows' plea for forgiveness nor his denial of guilt, but a story of endurance and survival and the abuse of human rights during the decade of a life wasted in leg irons. It is an essential read: hearbreaking, fascinating and impossible to put down.

    If you want to read something truely epic then get "The Gunslinger" by Stephen King. It's the first book in the Dark Tower series, and is easily one of the best books I have ever read.

    From The Flap: In the first book of this brilliant series, Stephen King introduces readers to one of his most enigmatic heroes, Roland of Gilead, The Last Gunslinger. He is a haunting figure, a loner on a spellbinding journey into good and evil. In his desolate world, which frighteningly mirrors our own, Roland pursues The Man in Black, encounters an alluring woman named Alice, and begins a friendship with the Kid from Earth called Jake. Both grippingly realistic and eerily dreamlike, The Gunslinger leaves readers eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

    Synopsis: The opening chapter in the epic Dark Tower series. Roland, the last gunslinger, in a world where time has moved on, pursues his nemesis, The Man in Black, across a desert. Roland's ultimate goal is the Dark Tower, the nexus of all universes. This mysterious icon's power is failing, threatening everything in existence.

    If you like science fiction then I'd recommend "Consider Phlebas" by Iain M. Banks.

    In the midst of a war between two galactic empires, a shapechanging agent of the Iridans undertakes a clandestine mission to a forbidden planet in search of an intelligent, fugitive machine whose actions could alter the course of the conflict. Banks demonstrates a talent for suspense in a new wave sf novel that should appeal to fans of space adventure. For large sf collections.

    Sam Bourne:

    Righteous Men
    The Last Testament
    The Final Reckoning

    much better writer than Dan Brown but on a similar vein.......

    Judge & Jury - James Patterson
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