Recommend me a card (debit or credit) to use abroad or both abroad and uk

Found 17th Apr
Hi all, I have a Halifax, Nationwide debit cards and a platinum card from Barclaycard which offers the best rate for withdrawals or payments between the 3.
I have started to travel more and realised how easy it is to do so with a card, but the fees keep adding up.
I would use the card to pay with or to withdraw an emergency fund for places where they don't take cash.
I need a good card that won't charge me for these transactions.
Which one is best?
I don't really need the Barclaycard and only used it to build my credit score so if there is a credit card but its good to have it so if there is a card that can be used both in UK and abroad that would be best.

Noticed that Barclaycard has one, Halifax has one and there were the app based banking accounts

Which one is best for me?

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Yep Revolt is the way go.
As above
There is thread about starling where everyone says that it's better than revolut..
Monzo card is pretty good
Metro debit card. No fees abroad. And Nationwide credit card.
Ashan851 h, 29 m ago

There is thread about starling where everyone says that it's better than …There is thread about starling where everyone says that it's better than revolut..

I prefer Starling to Revolut
Revolut or Post Office Credit Card. The only issue with the PO card is you need to notify them when you go abroad but you can do that on the app. I use the Revolut for cash and the PO card for everything else. If you are hiring a car you may need a credit card. I am sure I have read that you cannot use the Revolut for fuel purchases.
I have fairfx card to lock in decent rates. Always put money on that when the rate is about 1.14 euro to the £1 and I have a bit of spare cash. With the exchange rates up and down as they are it's the most sensible thing to do. Not bothered about getting charged to take money out on it abroad as you can pay just about anywhere with it anyway.

And starling card to switch money to if I need extra or anything when abroad as it has no charges.
Halifax Clarity Card. Gives a clean rate with no fees. Still recommended on MSE.
I have had Revolut since they started and it is great. But, there have been times when it has been refused, particularly in India, and the Clarity has been fine. I travel a lot, so have had a good spread of countries to try them both.
Personally, both is the belt and braces solution. ( with a crisp $50 bill as emergency money)
I have Starling and have used it hassle free in Spain, Ireland and America. Also best MasterCard exchange rate. And the notification as soon as you spend is amazing. You won't regret gettint Starling, works just like a normal bank account as well
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