Recommend me a dimmable energy saving light bulb?

    i want to go green!

    so want to buy energy saving light bulbs, but non of the normal ones are dimmable

    anyone know of any?


    These are available but fairly pricy... try MEGAMAN Energy Saving Lamps

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    thanks mate

    rep added

    I don't think you can dim energy saving light bulbs!

    I work for a company owned by Sylvania and none of there's are dimmable!!!!!

    Lots of my lights have dimmer switches. Can I fit them with energy saving bulbs?

    Most energy saving bulbs aren't fully compatible with dimmer switch circuits at the moment. A standard dimmer switch will simply make the bulb flicker: annoying for you and not good for your bulb.

    The Osram Dulux El Dim is currently the only fully dimmable energy saving bulb. However, there are plans for more to be developed later this year.

    There are also energy saving bulbs that can be used with 'staged dimming'. This requires a special sort of dimmer with three separate settings - high, low and off.

    KInd of on the same subject:
    We had two came with a free energy saving bulb kit once, you turn them on once for full light then flicked them off then quickly on again and they became dimmer, unfortunately they got broke during a house move, they are great for a night light on the landing for the kids, does anyone know where this type can be bought?
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