Recommend me a drone.

    I have been tasked with getting a drone for a relation for Christmas and don't know where to start lol:

    Budget is around £40-£50

    Needs a camrea

    If it can live broadcast to a phone thats a bonus.

    Other than that thats all my parent have told me.

    Is that even possible on a £50 drone?

    Any help is appreciated :-)

    Please and thank you!


    ..... please would be nice.

    Original Poster

    You are correct - please and thanks to anyone who helps.


    You are correct - please and thanks to anyone who helps.

    LOL, no probs, I think you'll be pushing the spec for £50 but I did see one in RED5 which had a camera, not sure how good it was?!?! Check out their website, they usually have reviews that seem honest (i.e. some products are slated!).


    Got a girlfriend? Make her your wife, all the drone you need.

    I have no experience of this drone but you can always read the reviews. I had been looking for a while and settled for this one but not bought yet.…c=1

    All the drones at that price are rubbish. We bought one and they are so light the slightest wind just blows them all over the place, they are really uncontrollable. We splashed out on a DJI Phanton3 Standard in the end, expensive but you do get what you pay for with drones.

    Just remember UK law says it has to remain within visual range, and stay clear of flight paths.
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