Recommend me a front and rear facing dashcam

Found 14th Apr
Budget is up to 200 quid but anything cheaper would be nice.

Ideally it would be a single dashcam not two seperate ones but im open for suggestions.
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See this video from Techmoan
A single dash cam which will normally fit in the front with a rear view lens does not give a good rear view, fitting two separate cams may be a pain but is by far the best way. If you have rear seat passengers or " stuff " in the back it will obstruct the rear view to a point that makes the rear view camera useless .Don't know about the one above recommended but a bit of research should find what you are looking for with lots of choice. A word to the wise, from personal experience do not leave them permanently on unless you use your vehicle every day otherwise you will find your battery will run flat in about 2/3 days.
Have a look at the Nextbase DUO HD Halfrauds did have it on sale for £159 a couple of days ago they are usually £199, I have the DUO 720P version and the quality is very good, the version Halfrauds is selling is the latest model which is 1080P and it has the magnetic mount instead of the slide in mount which is a pain to use. And you can download footage to your phone as it has wifi.
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