Recommend Me a Game

Well i have just traded some in and i now have a dismal £26 store credit for 3 games

So recommend me a game then please - i had a look but nothing stood out.

Its for the Playstation 3 and i have got: GTA, Cod4 and GH3.

Previosioly I have traded in: Motorstorm, RR7, Skate, GT5p and assassin's creed.


ouch you got conned
Ps3 games id recommend Mlb 2k7


Bioshock comes out soon for PS3..I'd get that, it is awesome

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ouch you got connedPs3 games id recommend Mlb 2k7

lol sorry nt very clear today i traded in GT5p Skate and Assinsans creed. the others i traded in previsioly

lego starwars

'bout the 3 I play the most

Uncharted Drake's Fortune.

hmmm for ps3 , definatly bioshock , i heard thats out for ps3 now , dark sector is really good too also hmmmm ut3 is great online but heard fps arnt so good on ps3 , definatly recomend bioshock and dark sector though
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