Recommend me a gaming mouse

    Hi all! I'm after a gaming mouse. Something with at least 8 buttons and my main game currently is World of Warcraft (if you're a hater and you're just gonna leave abuse for me playing this game, don't bother please its a waste of yours and everyone elses time - rep for everyone else tho ;-) )

    I've looked at the official WoW mouse and have seen it as cheap as £50 at ILGS but never heard of them (…asp?partno=62006) otherwise we are talking about £60 from other companies that I do trust. Thing is, the mouse doesn't seem to have amazing reviews and I do want to use it for other games which I assume I can but since that is at the top end of my budget, I've been looking to see what else is out there but with so much available and the fact I'd prefer a good deal on it, I thought I would post here for your thoughts.

    Thanks in advance!
    Adam :-)


    logitech MX518 does it for me but I do not play WOW.


    logitech MX518 does it for me but I do not play WOW.

    +1 i've got an mx518 not bad at all.

    Wouldnt mind a Mad Catz Cyborg RAT9.
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