Recommend me a good secure bike storage please

Posted 8th Feb 2023
don't want to spend too much, but I'd want to keep it at the side of my house so would need to be pretty secure. is it possible to get that at a reasonable price?

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    I've seen a few metal enclosures but they aren't cheap, well there are cheap ones but thieves just bend the metal on those. Are there any requirements for it to be covered insurance wise? I know motorbike polices have to be anchored to the ground in some policies. (edited)
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    Have a look on facebook marketplace, plenty for under £100
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    Whatever you do also add an anchor, I purchased Chained 16 it is pretty robust but chain can be weakest link. All these are delaying elements as everything can be broken but it is a matter of time. If we are talking about push bike think of securing wheels etc. Scumbags everywhere unfortunately. (edited)
    Just mad how the storage costs more than the bikes for a good one!!
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    Buy cheap, lose your bike. Asgard steel units near me are left alone my thieves.
    May be cheaper to get a folder and bring it indoors ...
    Mad how you still have to pay 1731 before they say its police approved! I might end up getting one of the cheaper ones and paying it off interest free tbh,
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