Recommend me a highly capable VR Gaming PC?

Posted 15th Mar
I am pretty technical so self build is possible as well as an off the shelf PC, I have an Oculus Rift already but dont play it much as it is in the living room and it annoys the wife. Now we are divorcing. I thought I would upgrade as if I were able to play more often, I think I would like to see it all as beautiful and smooth as possible. It would be great if it were 4K ready too. Although I am looking for something quite high end, I still want VFM and would prefer suggestions not super extravagant. I'm asking this as with a divorce and working, I just don't have time to research this stuff myself, and was hoping that those who already know can chip in with their knowledge. I believe CCL might off some useful stuff here (I have bought memory, mobos and other stuff from them before), but entirely open minded. I also heard that AMD CPUs are less good for VR than intel, although you know what the internet is like for polarised opinions
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You're free mate

What Oculus? The CV1
Personally play Oculus rift CV1 with a Ryzen 3600, 16gb DDr4 3200 (3000 but 3200 overclocked) and 5700 XT
All the games ive tried eun fine, ive had some demanding games where i couldn't set to max in VR but i had the graphics enchamhsjehtz in the oculus settings so idk how that effects performance

Youll want a SSD for Boot Drive and maybe even VR games since sometimes the load times can be hell in VR

Its still the best Price to Performance last time i checked, about £800-900 but idk when the new gpus are coming
Thing is youre always waiting for the next card than youll be waiting for the price to drops because theolder card has a better price than youll wait for the next one

I play Forza horizon 4 on the highest settings Ultra Wide 1080p
Forgot FPS but it was high

AC oddesey Uktra settings, Ultra Wide 1080p around 50-70fps but PC sounds like a jet
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Technically Intel CPU's can manage the outright highest framerates but by a small margin, in reality it's hard to beat Ryzen processors for price and they're exceptional if you need high core counts. The last AMD processor I had was an original AMD64 3000 and been Intel since but when building a PC recently I went with a Ryzen processor which so far has been working great including for wireless VR.

Graphics cards are a tricky one at the moment as the high end cards are stupidly expensive and VR is demanding on the GPU, I'm still using an old GTX 1070 while waiting to see what happens although it's difficult to separate rumours and actual information. The 5700XT recommended above is the best bang per buck at the moment and I don't think it's worth forking out a lot more for a GPU for now.
This is what Steam VR performance tester says. I thought a quick win might be a GPU upgrade (currently a RX580); but was not sure if the rest of the system would hold back an expensive graphics card 's performance unless the architecture was also upgraded to be able to support the new card.
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