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Found 28th Jul 2009
On Sunday my Bosch Rotak 34 (or possibly 37) gave up and went to the big garden in the sky (spiratually, it's physical form still takes up space in the shed). So now is the time to replace it so I need your recommendations!

I have a fairly large garden so I'm thinking about lawnmowers without cables. This means either petrol or the Bosch Rotak 37 Li-poly rechargeable model. I quite liked the Rotak, but it only lived about 3 years so I won't be happy to spend over £200 on a new Bosch only for it to meet the same fate.

For those of you with petrol mowers, what is the maintenance like. Other than topping it up with petrol from time to time, what else do I need to do? What is the life expectancy of petrol mowers vs electric models?

If anyone has any advice or recommendations, don't hold back. I should point out though this is not an invitation to post lots of pictures or recommendations for lawn mowers you ride around the garden, unless the posters in question are actually offering to buy said lawn mowers for me
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My only input would be to avoid Flymo AT ALL COSTS. Had one and never worked well in collecting grass, although you sound to have a much bigger garden than we do.

If you want petrol, try ]here
Agreed, petrol mower, buy a Honda, I have one it starts first time .. every time.:thumbsup:

We have had our Mountfield ( self propelled petrol ) for 17 years and it is still going strong. We just do an oil change once a year, clean/wash the air filter and clean the original spark plug - all very easy to do. Also, we have changed the blade twice.
I'd say if looked after properly then a petrol mower will by far exceed the life of the battery on the Rotak 37 Li.

Looking after a petrol mower is relatively easy, just make sure it is oiled to the line (4 stroke oil), not too much otherwise it is more difficult to start

If you have to tip the mower, always do so, so that the oil is tipped nearest the floor, don't tip itso the oil goes into the air filter.

Keep the petrol topped up iwith petrol, but be very careful not to get any dirt or grass in the petrol tank as this can cause problems, it'll block the fuel jets and cause the mower to act funny. A good tip is to put an old pair of tights over the fuel tank when filling to stop bits going in.

Think about what size cut you want, you'll find that petrol mowers start at 16"/40cm so you'll already be knocking time off the time it takes to cut your lawn. You can also choose between push & self propelled. I don't mind a push, but some people like the help pushing the machine.

I'd stick to a Briggs & Stratton Engine or a Honda, for ease of parts and maintence and their proven reputation.
I have both petrol(Honda) & Electric(Bosch) mowers and a pretty big garden, (all my neighbours have ride ons).
Any pros and cons of each:
Electric, no starting problems, easy maint gives a very good cut(such that I cut it less often). Quite hard work on wet grass, very easy on dry grass. Usually when it breaks down the first time(2-3yrs old) it is the carbon brushes that are cheap to replace, initial cost for a reasonable one around £120 has a 5-7 yr life before it is beyond economic repair.

Petrol, much sturdier and heavier than electric, even on lowest cut not particularly close so need to cut around 1.5 times as often, more in summer. Have to deal with the petrol&oil, no big deal but can be a little messy. reasonable quality one is 350ish, will last forever as long as it it is serviced. service will cost about £20-30 a year +parts. Mine is self propelled so makes life a bit easier, however it is heavier and my lady has great trouble turning it, should be OK for a bloke.

When I can I
choose the electric, which is 9 times out of ten.
husqvana every time for me
ye i use a petrol, big garden if its cold it doesnt start properly lol, somtimes you need to turn the revs down and leave it for 5 mins to let it heat up, other times its just got no petrol :giggle:
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