Recommend me a new DVD player

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Found 25th Jul 2010
I'm after a standalone DVD player capable of playing 720p bluray rips. My existing Samsung gives the NO CODEC error on most things these days, so needs replacing.

Cheaper the better, if anyone can recommend any. Ones that can play from USB stick preferred if possible.

I'd say I'll rep all helpful posts, but that would be a lie now.

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If you wanna play BR rips, you will need a BR player afaik, as the resolution is too high for regular dvd players. They can upscale regular res' dvds, but cannot display 720 natively.

I could be wrong, hopefully someone else will reply to clarify.

I got my dad an LG blu ray player for christmas that can (supposedly but never tested) play MKV files off a memory stick.

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Hmmm, don't really fancy forking out for a bluray for the once in a blue moon it will get used, thought a newer DVD could cope.

You could always buy a standalone media player like the western digital one or get an acer revo and install xbmc.

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I use my Apple TV most of the time, but sometimes I hook up the projector, but fir some reason it doesn't work with the ATV (or sky box either), so on those occassions I burn the file to DVD and connect it that way, but most stuff now is 720p and won't work.
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