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Posted 18th Sep
I want a device I can plug some hard drives into (Sata, but usb would be a bonus) that I can just plug into the virgin media hub via Ethernet and then all my connected devices (phones, iPads, Xbox, ps4 etc) can see and read/view the files that are on the hard drive(s) and/or usb connected devices (memory stick or usb hdd).

Does such a device exist? Already have lots of large capacity hard drives so need something that’s driveless.

Thanking you
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As mentioned, a NAS. Various options, cheap travel ones are generally slow and limited, a lot us on here have hp microservers from all the deals a few years back, the other do it yourself option is a raspberry pi 4 with four usb 3.0 ports and gigabit ethernet.
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Excellent, thanks.

I’d rather an all in one unit as it’ll be under the tv so it’ll be on show, so rather not have a Pi with lots of extras attached to it.
Could also maybe look at an Nvidia Shield TV running a Plex server, all photos/videos/music on the external drives would then be accessible from the Plex app install on any device.

In all honesty though it sounds like you need to get organised, get the data from all these different HDD's backed up safely to a bigger single drive or RAID pair with a cloud backup and get shot of all the older drives....
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