Recommend me a spare car seat for my 3 yr old, thanks!

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Found 27th Dec 2014
Both my children, age 5 yrs and 3 yrs, are both rear facing in my car. We need a new spare seat for my hubbys car for my youngest who is 3 yrs old.

This seat will be in hubbys car, and a couple times per week it will be moved to in-laws car, so I am thinking isofix for this reason.

I already have a Britax Kidfix SICT in hubbys car for my daughter but need another seat for my son. I do not have any access to latest which? test reviews, but do know the Kidfix was rated highly a few years ago. Heard the Recaro Monza Nova 2 Seatfix is supposedly highly rated.

Any recommendations?

Also, might seem a silly question, but if a car has isofix does that mean an isofix carseat will fit?

Many thanks!

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I just posted something similar lol.. Maybe you can help me as your kids are 5 and 3?
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