Recommend me a strimmer

Found 6th May 2008
As title says - got a budget of around £100 and am looking for either a decent mains powered one or even a petrol one cos of the size of our garden and length of grass in places...

So for those of you who are into your gardening I'd welcome your input!
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pretty much an electric trimmer with the power of a petrol one
balance tool as well as the motor is nearer you and now at the bottom of the trimmer
At first I read it as a stripper!

How about this?

Bosch £24.99 electric. Really lightweight. That is really important! Homebase. If garden is massive, get an extention lead also.
Oops ignore me...
Ringo Starr.

At first I read it as a stripper!How about … At first I read it as a stripper!How about this?]http://www.screwfix.com/prods/31657/Landscaping/Landscaping-Power-Tools/Brushcutters-Trimmers/21cc-Makita-2-Stroke-Petrol-Line-Trimmer

Looks decent enough, and less than a ton.

I would go with the petrol models.. especially in a large garden, cables are a bind.
get a goat ...
Does anyone have one that actually strims the whole garden without the little plastic thread coming out/off...it drives my insane I have to keep stopping and taking the plug out so I can take the bottom off and pull it through again, I've had 3 now and it happens on all of them!!! I spose a petrol one may eliminate that but they seem quite heavy and I have quite a lot to do.:x
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