Recommend me a USB Portable External Hard Drive please

    I like the look of the Western Digital My Passport Essential 250GB, it is £54 delivered from Amazon. The only thing stopping me is that although it gets 99 5 star reviews it also has 19 one star reviews, it seems it is causing problems for a significant amount of people.
    Does anyone have one of these and could anyone recommend other portable drives around £50?


    I've had a Freecom 250GB Toughdrive for over a year now with no problems and delighted with it - currently £71.40 on Amazon so a bit more than you're probably looking for...

    i have a buffullo ministation which is 350gb it is around £49 give or take a few pence on amazon and has been good to use up to now

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    Hi Yootha, yea that is a bit too expensive, thanks though.

    I think you typo'd with the 350, you meant 250, it looks like an option, thanks. I like how it has 2 leads, one for power from a usb, might need that using it with the laptop?

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    Found this too 320gb Verbatim (hmm...)…1-1
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