Recommend Me a Wii Game

Hoping to get my Wii in morning.

Any game recommendations?

Was thinking of getting Monkey Ball, Rayman and Warioware Smooth Moves



Zelda is great for one player.
Red steel not bad but controls nowhere near 1:1.
Wario i havent tried but past wario games not been bad.. looks like a good party game yet says 1 player on back of case lol.
monkeyball is a bit too easy.. fun though, and like 50 minigames to try out.

Got Wario Ware yesterday and Wii play. Wario is CRAZY but very amusing. Also got Zelda which is very good too :-D

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Got Wii Play today, 1st game I've bought- 34.99 from argos.

Just thinking about what next:whistling:

Zelda a must own game?


How about any of the GameCube (GC) games? You can play all the GC games on Wii; all you need is a GC controller / Memory Card.
Best GC games: cube.gamespy.com/art…tml
My fav GC game on Wii: Resident Evil 4

It really depends on what kind of games u like. I think zelda is good, but will take time to get into the game. I have play and think its a good multiplayer, but short term single player.
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