Recommend me some DVD creating software

Found 27th Apr 2008
Hi, it was my nephews 2nd Birthparty yesterday and I created a home movie with the Sony Camcorder.

Can anyone recommend me some good software to create a good dvd. I want to transfer the recording to DVD. Ideally would like to add some music to the menu screen and add nice pics etc.

Comments and help much appreciated.
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If you have access to a mac, iMovie and iDVD are wicked, so easy to use too.
thanks but only have a pc with xp im afraid
you need to state what format you want to convert
just use nero
I recomend Roxio 10 for basic dvd editing and copying dvds, on a pc

just use nero

convertxtodvd is twice as quick as nerovision. you also need to buy the dvd plug-in for nerovision.
Try Sony Vegas, you can get a free 30 day trial, While its not up to Premier, it doesnt have the near vertical learning curve.
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