Recommend me some good, cheap PS3 games.

Hey guys,

Just bought myself a PS3. I'm a bit late to the game, so just wondering which titles of the past year or so (hopefully cheaper in price now) are really worth picking up.

I've got GTA IV and GT5 Prologue so far.

Any help and/or links would be great.

Thanks. =)


Drake's Fortune for me was a brilliant game, like Tomb Raider but a lot smoother and better gameplay.

go comet and buy the simpsons and genji for £9.99 each and then take em gamestation and trade em in and get a brand new game because youl get about £35 for it so you get a new game for quite cheaap, around £25

Ratchet & Clank is a must , the game is amazing! you can pick up a copy on ebay for around £15
Motorstorm is also a must
Heavenly sword

Assassin's creed is going very cheap right now, aswell as Resistance and Motorstorm. You can pick up Rainbow 6 cheap too - £17 from Play.com. DMC4 goes cheap aswell about £20-£25

I got mine recently as well. So far I have only been impressed with Motorstorm & Drakes Fortune. I like the Ratchett and Clank demo and would look to pick that up cheap.

Original Poster

Thanks guys. Managed to bag Drake's Fortune from eBay for £20. Not fussed on R&C at the mo, not really in a full-on platform-y mood. =) I know Assassin's Creed's physics are awesome, but heard it's gameplay is a bit ropey, so not sure about that one.

I'll probably pick up MotorStorm at some point, though. Still the three I've got now should be all right for a while.

If anyone's got any other recommendations, that'd be great.
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