recommend puzzle games on android / iphone

I'm after puzzle type games for my kids.

I'm happy to give them games that they need to think a bit for - not interested in shooters or simplistic candy crush type stuff.

examples of things I like are world of goo, cogs, monument valley, bridge builder




Train yard is an excellent puzzle game. It's difficulty curve goes up pretty fast though which might be tough for younger kids.

Try a game called Pop Bugs. You can play it on phone or tablet. It looks easy but you really need to think about some of the levels.

Try 2048, puzzle retreat and free flow: bridges. Some of those are freemium games, so watch that your kids don't spend too much money there.

If you want something more challenging, there's nothing wrong with good old favourites like draughts and even chess. I'm sure there are some fun style chess games more suited to children, which can help teach them to play.

Not sure if mobile minecraft is worth getting. I've only ever played the pc version.


get them running a transport network

amazing game

Would Professor Layton type things be too cerebral?

Cut the rope, free flow, minecraft


Cut the rope, free flow, minecraft

yeh cant go wrong with minecraft

Original Poster

Thanks people - I'll go look those up.

Should have mentioned minecraft - I bought that for them when it was in the early days and they love it.
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