Recommend some good new adventure/RPG type games for the DS

Hi all,

I've dusted my DS off after x months of going unused and am after some recommendations for new adventure games like Hotel Dusk or RPG games ala Final Fantasy, etc. I haven't really kept up with DS game releases so there must be plenty out there to check out.



zelda! not all that new now but great!

The world ends with you is a very good game, although not stricktly an RPG.
I found FF: Ring of fates was pretty good, and also FF 3 and FF 4 are pretty good remakes of the older games.
In about a months time you will be able to get your hands on Chrono Trigger for the DS (unless you run homebrew and have a snes emulator, in which case you can play it now :p).

That's about it I think, someone else has already mentioned Zelda: Phantom hourglass, thats a fun game to.


Hotel Dusk, room 215, great adventure game.

rpg on a ds, seriously, are you having a laugh?


rpg on a ds, seriously, are you having a laugh?

There are some great ones actually, well a few.

My suggestions:

[*]Dragon Quest: Chapters of the Chosen
[*]Final Fantasy IV

[*]Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
[*]The World Ends With You - from the makers of Final Fantasy.

As for games like Hotel Dusk, check out the Phoenix Wright series latest being Apollo Justice but I felt the third one was the best (Trials and Tribulations). Also there's one called Mystery Millionaire or something but I haven't played it so I can't recommend it but it looked good in trailers.
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