Recommend some in ear earphones around £20?

    I've had some Creative EP-630s for about 3 years but they've given up the ghost so I'm looking for some replacements. I could actually get another pair for £20 but since it's been a few years is there anything better in the price range?

    Listen to rock and pop, btw.


    try Groupon there is bout 10 different sorts

    I have some of these : JVC HAFX1X Xtreme Xplosives .

    I am pleased with them. They are well made and have a nice heavy bass. They came with 3 bud sizes and a carry box.

    Check out the reviews on Amazon.

    Also highly rated are the Betron range of headphones. I can't vouch for these, but they get excellent reviews.

    Skull candy ink'd are my everyday go to as I wear them daily at work (£15 tesco - £8-£12 TK Max) good quality and comfort is 100% if you willing to pay more they do a wireless pair for £30 but only decent if you keep your phone close as the connection isn't the best, if your using them for indoor use and going to take good care of them pay for some dre beats as they are worth the money imo

    Phillips SHE3900 best pair of in ear headphones within £20 price range from my experience

    You get a lot of people mentioning about the Xiaomi Piston range of ear-phones. I picked up a pair from Gearbest and was quite impressed. There's also the hybrid version as well, see link:

    Xiaomi Hybrid
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