Recommendation for a 1st touch screen phone


    I am looking for my first touch screen phone. Have never been a fan of iPhone (although it looks good). So, what should I go for?

    My requirements are:

    1. large memory to store music/pics/videos etc (perhaps 16/32 gb),
    2. some access to internet,
    3. perhaps a thinish phone,
    4. TVOut (if possible) to view pics/videos on a TV (as I travel a lot),
    5. minutes wise about 300, texts don't care
    6. and I suppose that's about it.

    I am not sure what budget I should set aside. I am coming to end of a 18-month contract with 3 soon and looking for a new network provider or could stay with 3 .

    I have heard this HTC Wildfire or Samsung Galaxy Portal is good but it doesn't mean much to me. So a suggestion for a touch screen phone would be highly appreciated. If I can get it on a contract all well & good otherwise I will just have to go on PAYG.




    id get a blackberry personally.. but then thats beside the point..

    tesco do £15 a month 500mins unltd texts and data.. which is probs the ceapest way currently to get a sim only smart phone deal.. but then you incurr the price of the handset, on the good side though you can leave them at anytime, think they use the o2 masts so you get good coverage

    but i dont really know what handset you want to go for, sounds to me you want more of a camera/mp3 than a phone, the best photos and videos i have seen off a mobile phone have been the iphone 4 tbh the HD makes a real difference imo if moneys no object i take out that contract if you after more a mdeia centre, can always sell it and make a load of money back at teh end...

    i love my htc!

    HTC Desire- is my first and absolutely love it. You can quickly plug it into a usb port in a laptop/tv etc.
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