Recommendation for a mp3 player( with cheap running cost) ?

    I was looking to get a mp3 player.
    Is it wise to get a mp3 player were I can download music from the google store rathen then Windows or apple?
    Or is the music costing pretty much the same?


    I have one of these and love it. Battery is brilliant and audio is too.…W4X

    Only my opinion and I do not want to shot down in flame(deer)s. I believe the iPod range are probably the best in class for a MP3 player. BUT there are many issues to consider, relatively speaking they are more expensive, purchases from sources other than iTunes store is not a simple matter of drag and drop and so on. I believe the actual cost of music is more or less the same regardless of platform of purchase. As I said only my opinion based on a cursory view of the market not a thorough research.


    I have one of these and love it. Battery is brilliant and audio is … I have one of these and love it. Battery is brilliant and audio is too.

    Have to agree, the Clip Zip is a fantastic player with great audio quality. The only downside is the battery life is less than 20 hours but expandable storage, micro usb charging and sound quality make up for that.

    I've been doing much research on this myself in recent days.

    The Sansa range has suggested above seems to be well rated and in general £4£ it's better than any other offering when it comes to just music playback.

    I've Established that the Clip is more designed for sports use, small screen mainly for getting it going and not managing what your listening to (AKA sticking on shuffle).
    The Fuse+ is more about the screen and seems best for a larger collections of media
    The Zip is somewhere between the 2.

    I was very close to buying the Fuze but gave up as in the end I've gone for a cheap Windows Phone (Lumia 520 for £50 at Argos). My reasons are several fold, good battery life (in airplane mode), apps available, great OLED touch screen, compatible with SDXC cards, 128gb ones work apparently and I'll need this for my other half as they have a massive collection of CDs.

    Added to this that you can get Spotify and similar services on the phone makes it very good value. As to the stores and promotions on music, they seem to be much of a muchness in terms of range, Apple tends to be less likely to get promotions on the songs but the gift cards come up cheap regularly so can reduce that gap in cost. Google and Microsoft stores, seem to have masses of free songs and ones in promotions by comparison to Apple.

    Personally, I'd rather buy the CD's to rip myself. Mainly to have complete control of my music as that way you don't end up tied in to an ecosystem because all your music is locked away with a particular provider. So in the future you can pick a new player that you like and not lose part of your collection because it wont sync with iTunes or whatever.
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    Thank you very much for your answers!
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