Recommendation for a thermos mug please

Found 25th Nov 2010
Can anyone please recommended a thermos mug please? I have one - used it for the first time and it leaks when you tip it up which means it is a waste of time as the air gets in so it does n't keep liquid warm. Has anyone got one they can recommend? Many thanks
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They all leak when you tip them up as thats not really what they are designed for, only one which doesn't that I know of is the "lifeventure" thermal mug, but that doesn't have a slot in the top like most.…top

i use this one, but buy the reviews it seems its hitand miss if you get a good one or not. mine worked fine and coffe was drinkable after 18ish hours. good for soup to and as its steel and not glass inside it will probably last longer. also available in 1.2L
I really want a cup just for a cup of coffee on train not for all day
how do you drink out of the "life venture mug"? It looks like it has a top on it?
Get an aladin one (spelling might be incorrect) they're really good quality and are leak proof. The one I have I can change the patterned insert.
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