Recommendation for a trampoline please

    We want to buy a trampoline but have no clue what to buy. We have a 2 year old and we want her to be able to get on it with one of us - so suspect it needs to be quite big. We could buy one just for her but not sure we save that much by doing so? So will probablyy get one where we can get on it too.

    They seem to range in price from about £90 to £600 and I can't really see what the difference is. It must have a net too. Obviously whether a net or cover is included or not will also impact the total spend. Please can some kind knowledgeble person let me know what they think I should buy. Obviously the cheaper the better but happy to pay more for something that is going to last and is safer. Links to any review site would also be appreciated. Thanks.



    they go up in size, like 8ft,10ft,12ft, also these hild different weights, i brought the 8ft for mine with closure and a complete waste of time for both, they have the odd jump up and down on it but thats about it, there was an 8ft one on here with enclosure for about £80 will see if i can find it…ine have a read through, aslo if you can get the nets that fit over the poles rather than to them

    We looked at one for our now 3 year old as he has out grown the little one. When looking I found that the 10ft and 12ft ones are much higher than the 8ft which seemed to be a lot better for him. It was still big enough to get on with him and have a bounce around. Don't know how the brands compare though.

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    any other thoughts off anyone?

    WE have a 13ft trampoline, and we have so much fun on it. Some days, there are 8/9 people on it!
    We brought ours from Argos, as at the time ( a good 5 years ago) it was the best out there for the price. As someone has already said, try and get the net, that fits over the poles, we have and its so much better.
    Hope this helps you.

    Don't use one in a room with a low ceiling, truesay.

    my sister has an 8ft one and i get on it with my two nephew with no problems and they are 3years and 11 years but it has an outer enclosure that fits on the outside edge. ;-)

    We have got an 8ft one but our daughter is 11 now and i must admit its a little small. Its ok for 1 person at a time. We also have the enclosure for this size:)
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