Recommendation for accurate BMI measuring scale/device ?

Posted 15th Jun 2022
Hi guys

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good accurate BMI measuring scale/device? Need to buy one for my wife who started working out for her health.

Thanks in advance!
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    I just use a scale and then input it into an app like 'monitor your weight'
    Can you pls recommend me particular scale that you have. There are so many on Amazon with reviews are a bit sketchy. I just want to buy something that is accurate. Thanks.
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    I just use the nhs bmi calculator. Put in your details and it will tell you where your at.
    But remember bmi is only a guide as it can’t tell the difference between fat and muscle.
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    BMI is a very rough guide figure that's just weight divided by height squared. You shouldn't be agonising over small differences.

    Any set of bathroom scales will do, unless you're buying random chinese junk off aliexpress/amazon/ebay then I'd expect them all to be accurate enough for this.
    Agreed. I'm 14st and 6ft but according to the nhs bmi etc, I should be 11st 9lb

    I haven't been that weight since I was 15 and would look ill if I ever got down to that
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    Two months of my fitness progress being tracked with Renpho scale. Someone recommended me here. Best £20 I ever spent. From flexibility of app to accuracy scale, it is good.

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    BMI is pretty much not accurate by definition of what it is.

    And any stat a set of scales gives you other than weight is largely based on 'modelling' rather then any chance of being actually accurate. You can use it for relative recordings: "I'm gradually getting better/worse than before". But it's useless for comparing to anyone else, or an 'ideal', for example.
    That’s what I use stat for. Just as base line to see if I’m slacking or producing result.

    To be honest, I wouldn’t do fitness other ways. This works for me. I been trying to lose weight all my life following countless YouTube video doing random stuff at gym not getting result.

    Always been overweight fat guy. Before this 2 months work out, all stat here in “Renpho” are 90% red.

    Good to see immediate effect/reflection of cheat day vs hard work day on this scale. Which is what I needed. I use this everyday now. (edited)
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    BMI is a waste of time
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