recommendation for good quality colouring pencils please?

Found 14th Nov 2015
My OH has asked for an adult colouring book for Christmas so I'm looking for some decent pencils to go with it as this will be her first foray into adult colouring!
I've looked at various sets on Amazon and have decided I would like to get a set of at least 36 preferably in a nice tin! I've looked at some of the highest reviewed ones but when you look at the negatives of these, people mention that they are not very good for blending/not soft enough etc. - a lot of the higher reviews seem to be by people that have bought them for children.

Can anyone recommend me some brands to look into please... not looking to break the bank on pencils but think that upto £30-35 should get something reasonably good for an amateur???

Any advice much appreciated.
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im a colouring pencil portrait artist for a living, My personal favourite is Prismacolor pencils. they are quite pricey and take some getting used to as they are waxy almost. I would suggest some faber castells. they are much sorter and easier to blend but still high in pigment. dependant on how serious they want to take it amazon have their mid range at half price at the minute, could still probably get a good set of the polychromos, their best range for that budget though.
There are other good makes put there but can be more chunky and hard to keep a fine tip on, from what ive seen of these adult colouring books, its tons of tiny tiny details so they could be a bit of a nightmare lol

Also, id really suggest a double sharpener by the same make, it almost opens in half. about £3 normally. stops the soft leads splitting and fracturing meaning that last a lot longer

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There are some caran d'ache ones on here if they are any good
If your budget is tight, there are several which are rated, whsmiths 36 set are very popular, I should add that I'm on several colouring groups on Facebook and some of the best colourists use them as well as other low cost ones such as 72 Marco Raffines on eBay, £15, take about 2 weeks to arrive but they can be used dry, or as I've found out tonight, wet too, the same with the WHSmiths, both come in a card box but I have seen the Marco's in a wrap which is like a tool roll but for pencils.

One of the most popular sets are as someone mentioned, Faber Castell, Polychromos, but they are high end, the last I got, I think I saw a up to £50 off code on here, ended up paying £85 for the 120 set but you can get smaller sets, however if you're going to buy a set, get the biggest set you can reasonably afford because deciding to get the bigger set later with mean having repeats of the ones already bought.

Mark mentions inktense, while they are undoubtedly they are good pencils, they need to be wet to get the best colour from them, I wouldn't consider them to be a good starter set for someone new to colouring.

Now Derwent Coloursoft, they are a nice set, as the name suggests, they are soft, not soft to the point they are too soft but soft in terms of some are too hard, like Prismacolor and Polychromos are the softer ones and the Coloursofts are in between and you can get them in a nice wooden box for pretty much the same price as those in a tin for the full set of 72, again, there are smaller sets.

Prismacolor Premiere as mentioned, but some people don't get on with them, again, high end, I have a lot of different sets of different brands both the high end and low end and I would say seriously consider the Marco Raffines and if you can afford more, spend the extra on books. If you want any ideas for books, I recommend Johanna Basfords, Secret Garden, Enchanted Forrest & the latest, Lost Ocean, though the latter has mixed opinion, the first 2 are very popular with most people and most people love them. I would add some pics but not sure how to.

If you want any further info feel free to ask me and I shall oblige
Sharpener Kum Automatic Long point, excellent for small spaces and a good long point as the name suggests…062…029?hash=item5d5e6e7235:g:~p0AAOSwA4dWKyNL
BIC ones are good quality, reasonable price ones. plus you can normally found them in your local supermarket
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