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Found 14th Feb

I am currently seeking for a laptop budgeting under £300. As a blogger I am finding it difficult to work on my PC, also uploading image and having many tabs opened does not work well as it takes double the time. Ideally I would like a laptop that works well when uploading images to folders or wordpress/dropbox, having may tabs opened without any problems and any other features possibly.

If anyone could recommend a budget laptop I would appreciate that,.

Many Thanks,


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Hello. Some random notes.

I like the Lenovo laptops, I find the keyboards very very good for heavy use even though initially I was very fussy and I didn't think I would like them, they've definitely grown on me. The Lenovo laptops are generally more businessy, I find them to be more sturdy and reliable than the consumer versions.

I also have a super duper gigabyte laptop with awesome graphics but rarely use it because the battery is 'ok' but the lenovo battery life is excellent.

You could find a good spec second hand one on ebay rather than something new.

Key things for you from your request would be memory, ie the more GB of RAM you get the smoother everything will run. Also if you can get one with an SSD drive, they are much much faster than normal hard drives and everything flies, downside is you get less space for a higher cost.

For the mrs I basically got a Lenovo T440 or T450 (something like that which ever is the big screen version) second hand in good condition, cleaned it up, installed a SSD drive myself and put windows on it and it's fab. Spent about £300-400.

Hope that helps.

what about a tablet or a note instead if u won't loaf photos it's faster and easier to take them with thay and upload than a laptop or pc.
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