Recommendation for TomTom?


    Could anyone recommend me a good tomtom to buy under £100 for UK only.



    Look for one with lifetime map updates. The more expensive models have lifetime traffic too but cant see you getting one for under £100. Also depends on whether you want UK or Europe maps. Take a look at the Tomtom start 52 which 85 quid at halfords.

    Have a look here

    Also, have you considered using your mobile and using an app, like Waze for example. I've been using Waze for a few years now and I find its real time traffic is far better than the TomTom traffic. Has built in speed camera warnings as well. It's so good Google bought it for $1.3 billion..... And now use its traffic updates on its own Google maps.

    Give it a try, before buying a TomTom.

    Also, be aware that some of the cheaper TomTom units like the Go 51 @ £119.99, require your mobile data to be connected in order to get the traffic updates.

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    I second the waze app, been using it for coming up two years and have a brand new van with built in Tomtom sat navigation, waze makes the Tomtom look like a dumb dumb! would always trust waze over any Tomtom! (plus as already stated it's free!)

    ​​Never buy a tomtom product. I followed their instructions to the letter on a recommended update and it killed my satnav - they refused to repair so I will do what i promised them I would do and warn people at every opportunity.
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