Recommendation for Touchscreen /smartphone purchase

    I'm looking to buy gifts to take back for friends and family in India and not so surprisingly, technology pdts are up there in everybody's wish list.

    Looking to buy 2 PAYG touchscreen phones and need recommendations from the experts out here in this forum

    1) For mum - not too tech savvy (just texts, calls and listens to music currently) but has been impressed enough with touchscreens to want to trade up for one with basic features. Price no object but considering the basic req, I imagine 50-75 quid might suffice.

    2) For BIL - wants a basic entry level smartphone to get comfortable with before he moves to an iPhone 3GS later this year. I'm thinking 75 to 125 quid again should do the job.

    Pls pls help with any recommendations. Thinking of buying it today/tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance.


    For Mum - Samsung Corby. Think its the S3650 its called.

    For Brother In Law - Cant go wrong with the Nokia 5800 or a N97 Mini maybe?

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