Recommendation on LED / Smart TV

    Hello all,

    I'm looking to buy a TV this sale season. I currently don't own one but checking out on these lines

    1) Samsung or LG - Any other reliable ones?
    2) FULL HD 1080p
    3) Not really into smart TV as I have Chromecast device and know well to use it - Should I still go into smart TV range?
    4) 3D - Is it deemed good to have. Have only 8 month old kid at home and I have a perception that 3D is more kids oriented.
    5) Looking for 5 year warranty which JL, Tesco Direct and Richer sounds offer
    6) Something between 300 - 400 but can stretch a bit more on that.

    There are few deals coming up as of now but will leave till Boxing day morning and hopefully that's not too late to get hold of a decent one.

    Any recommendations based on recent buy or usage will be helpful.

    Many thanks and Merry Christmas


    if you go for 3D go for LG over Samsung, I have an LG 3D 42" tv and love it. they have cinema style glasses which you get 4 pairs included, these are light in weight and have no need for batteries... Samsung have heavier glasses, you normally only get 2 pairs and if you need more they are quite expensive,, these have a battery in and they flick on and off between each eye at about 600 times a minute. you may see a slight flickering with these type. also they are not advised for anyone who is epileptic, also heard they can cause headache's .
    If you don't want 3D then its a very close call as my two other tvs are Samsung and are good too. suppose its all down to what bargains you can get, don't forget if you buy online go through top cash back or quidco and get some money back.
    and a merry Christmas to you

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    Original Poster

    Thank you comishscouse. That helps. Merry Christmas to you

    I also have a 42" LG and chose LG as LG TV's use passive 3D glasses which are the same as the ones used in the cinema and only cost a pound or two.
    I have only used the 3D feature a few times but it is nice to have a smart TV to be able to use iPlayer and like.
    It might be worth mentioning the screen size you are looking for.

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    I'm looking something between 40-46 screen size. I see LG has 40 & 42 but Samsung has 40 and next is 48

    If you want 3D, Smart, 40in and over then have a look at some reviews of the LG 42LB650V.
    John Lewis are doing it for £430 but with the 5 year warranty but you may see it fall bellow the £400 in the next few days.

    If 3D does not matter, then Samsung UE40H5500 is already well under £400 at John Lewis.
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